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GRaffiti Found on 14 green line trolley trains

MBTA police are investigating the defacing of 14 Green Line trolley cars at the Reservoir Yard in Brighton.

The graffiti was discovered at 5 a.m. today, according to Joe Pesaturo, an MBTA spokesman. Nine of the cars have been cleaned and returned to the tracks, Pesaturo said.

He said that service was not affected because the T owns a surplus of Green Line cars.

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David Ellis N BLU

13 Real Animals lifetd from your Nightmares

THe Ramp House

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DEath:For the Whole World to See..

The Hackney bro's started making music in 1971. Like many African-American musicians playing in Detroit in the 1970s the agenda was funk & Soul/Motown. But Iggy & The Stooges changed all that.

"We started listening to more rock, stuff like Alice Cooper and Led Zeppelin. When the Who's Quadrophenia came out, David (Eldest Hackney and guitar player) became convinced that nothing was more important than rock and roll. In 1974, we put together a demo tape with the most rocking name we could think of" DEATH.

Then Columbia signed them to the label,on the condition that they would change the name of the band. I guess they were not feeling that, never changed the name & the album has been colecting dust in an attic since..

The story goes one of the dudes sons found the album and was amazed that his pop's had this ROck'N past..
the rest is history as the word spreads of this Kick ass band..
Drag City is set to release the 8 song album
Keep a look out..

Politicians in my EYES..